One of the strong points of our organisation is the care we devote to Customer Assistance, in solving problems concerning the day-to-day running of our batching units or in studying solutions for new requirements, such as obtaining concrete product compliance certification for a plant that did not previously contemplate it or, as commonly requested too, adapting the plant to comply with atmospheric emission threshold values. Providing quick and accurate responses to the questions we are faced with is one of our primary objective, but often enough, given the well-established nature of the relationships we develop with our customers, our assistance goes beyond our scope, as we will not hesitate to deploy competence and resources to help achieve the work site / production unit as a whole and not just the batching plant we supply.


Our assistance service is based on qualified competent staff capable of giving quick and precise answers to the problems they are faced with. Technicians with proven track record are available to intervene at customers' premises whenever necessary. This service meets the professional standards customers expect and is available both for assembly of new batching plants and subsequent support.


A quality management system has been implemented since the year 2000 in relation with the production of batching, concrete and ecological plants. Indie our company has been granted a certificate by T&Uulm;V CERT for compliance to standard EN ISO 9002:1994, which was updated by T&Uulm;V Italia in 2003 in conformity with the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO9001:2000. This year, the same certifying body issued the certificate of compliance to standard UNI EN ISO9001:2008.


Being aware of the importance of this aspect for the user, our spare parts delivery terms are optimal and cover the whole life cycle of our plants. Our service has long been incremented with resources dedicated to this specific sector. Requests are handled with 24 hours and shipping terms are agreed with customers in order to solve any emergency requirements. Thousands of commonly used parts are readily available in our warehouse: in case the requested part is not available because it is too specific or because the plant is too old, we undertake to find it or replace it with an interchangeable component having the same characteristics. We have a deep knowledge of the batching plants we have supplied over the years, and so often customers do not even have to waste time looking for codes in spare part manuals: most of the times, a basic description and the documentation we keep in store suffice to identify the correct component and operators much appreciate this service.